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Garden Peppermint Tea

One of my favorite things to help me slow down after a busy day is to brew a pot of tea. This Monday was particularly defeating on my spirit and I came home from work feeling frustrated by an issue I had spent all day on and couldn't seem to resolve.

I don't know about where you are, but the days in Bellevue, Kentucky have been hot and humid. Today, however, was in the 80's with a lower stickiness factor and absolutely gorgeous. To help shake my day, I decided to make a pot of tea from the Peppermint I have been growing in our garden. Our dog Walt didn't hesitate to join me in the outdoor festivities and it was impossible to stay disagreeable long with his ecstatic energy and goofy grin.


To make this herbal tea, it's super simple! First gather a handful of mint leaves. In this case I used Peppermint, but if you have other herbs on hand such as Spearmint, Lavender, or Pineapple Mint those will work too.


Next, rinse the leaves to remove any residual dirt and tear them several times to release the natural fragrances and give the tea a stronger flavor. Place the leaves in the bottom of a ceramic teapot or a French press if you prefer.


Meanwhile, boil a kettle of water over the stove. Once the water is bubbling, pour immediately over the mint. Let the leaves steep for five to ten minutes or even longer if you like a more robust tea.


Pour the tea into a cup through a fine mesh strainer to catch the leaves. Add any additional ingredients you want such a milk, honey, or a squeeze of lemon. For my tea I added almond milk and agave we had on hand. Top with several mint leaves for garnishing and to add a pop of color.

There you have it, an effortless and fresh tea. Enjoy!


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