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Solar Eclipse + Country Style


Last Monday was eclipse day. How many of you traveled to try and see the eclipse in totality? I took a day off work and Dustin and I packed up the car with our cameras, a blanket, snacks, and started driving south. We had no idea where we were going, but we knew the more south we drove, the better our view would be. We ended up on back country roads and found ourselves following signs towards Kincaid Lake State Park.

Since we knew there would be some waiting around (the prime eclipse time ranged anywhere between 1-3), we used this occasion to take photos in the beautiful landscapes of the park. Besides, there we some outfits I had been dying to try all summer that I wasn't quite brave enough to try in the city public. It was the perfect afternoon to experiment and get out of my comfort zone.

I chose to wear my reliable lace cropped top with two different bottom combinations. Since the top is a piece I have worn many times before, it felt like a safe starting point to pair with items that were a little scarier for me. It seems silly that trying new styles can be intimidating, they're just clothes after all, but sometimes it's the small everyday patterns and routines we find ourselves identifying with that can be the scariest to step out of. So let's take a look.

Look 1 — The Rustic Vibe





Styling Notes:

  1. BALANCE WITH CONTRAST Since the top felt very feminine with lace, flowing bell sleeves, and an ivory white color, I chose to balance it out with something darker and more sturdy on the bottom. My go to black Levi's I've been wearing all summer were the perfect match. I don't have to worry if they get dirty, and denim can go through about anything. In fact, I like them better with each wear as they conform to my body.

  2. CHUNKY BELT I added a belt because again I wanted to break up the feminine top with something a bit more substantial. The belt also added a level of detail that I never normally invest in. In fact, I don't even own a belt. This one I snagged from Dustin and he crafted a new hole for me. I ended up liking that it was a guy's belt because it added another layer of rustic bulk.

  3. FEDORA HAT This hat I've owned for nearly two years and I don't think I've worn it more than once. While I love the shape and it even looks great hanging on the wall at home, I never have enough nerve to wear it. The Kentucky countryside invited me to play so I gave it a go. The caramel brown color not only tied back to the belt, but created a warmth and depth to the look that neither the black and white alone could bring.

Look 2 — Romantic Wanderer





Styling Notes:

  1. FLORAL PRINT For this second look I wanted to play up the softness of the top instead of contrasting it. I chose a floral printed bottom to pair it with that touched on pastel colors and sentimental vibes while complimenting the textured yet solid colored top. The flared legs of the pant also paired nicely with the bell sleeves of the shirt stabilizing the whole look.

  2. FEDORA HAT Once again I wore my fedora hat with this look. It's fun how the same hat can add two different elements with each look. In this case the hat added to the whimsical fairy-tale feel I was going for — the story of a drifting soul who spent her days in the countryside.

  3. PIGTAIL BUNS What better way to complete the innocent, playful, fanciful look than with two pigtail buns. Just switching the hairstyle allowed me to jump into another character.

As two o'clock rounded the corner, eerie light filled the space as the sun became more covered. Red and purple hues filtered the scene and it seemed as if we were living inside an Instagram filter. The temperature cooled down considerably from the humidity experienced minutes ago. The surrounding mood pushed me into a role on the set of a fantasy film. Dustin captured some amazing photos and I surprisingly didn't criticize my every curve, angle, and proportion. It's baby steps to loving ourselves right? We even attempted to view the eclipse in a shadow box I made that morning.

While I probably still won't wear the floral pant and cropped top combination in public (it feels a bit too gutsy and revealing for me) it was fun to pretend I was in an Anthropologie catalog for a day. I did get some new ideas and will definitely incorporate wearing chunky belts and even my fedora hat to my daily outfits. Just trying them out made them seem less of a leap from my personal style. All in all it was a day of enchantment.



PHOTO CREDIT: Dustin Krotts

IVORY LACE CROPPED TOP (old by For Love and Lemons)/Similar or Similar


BELT (old, stolen from husband)/Similar

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