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Welcome! I'm Becky Jane Krotts, a proud dork living in beautiful Cincinnati, Ohio with my very patient, loving, and best friend husband Dustin and our two trouble-making dogs and two sassy cats.

This blog was created as a place to share all the things that bring brightness and joy to my world, and to encourage and uplift others to see the glimmer of light inside each and every one of us. I get excited about old books, picking veggies from our backyard, nutcrackers, comics, simple uniquely cut clothing, Amélie, coffee, and creative people and ideas.

When I'm not blogging, you can find me painting, reading, or riding my bike around town with Dustin like a couple of kids.

Everybody has that feeling deep inside - that feeling of goodness, innocence, comfort, and home. It isn't always the place we are in now but the place we remember from a long time ago when we weren't afraid to love and weren't afraid to receive love. The time when big and small, fairies and dinosaurs, could all exist in one place, in one time, because we all were home.

I create to capture this place, the beauty, to spark a memory that this time will come again, to remind people of that feeling deep inside, that feeling that never goes away but we often forget is there, that feeling that everything is going to be okay. We are all beautiful, all perfect, all innocent in an endless time and space that we often forget can be ours.


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